Haven't spoken to my boyfriend in almost two day?

So my boyfriend and I had issues with communication before we started dating (he didn't text or call for days or sometimes weeks). I spoke to him about it and he said he would work on it (to his credit he has gotten significantly better).

We've been dating for almost a month now and he's getting distant again. These past few weeks have been busy for him due to religious reasons. However, his communication has gotten bad again. I feel like he doesn't include me in his life. It's great when we see each other but when we don't, I'm left wondering where we stand.

He also never follows through on things he promises. Like when he's busy he says I'll text/call you later tonight and he never does.

I'm just disappointed because we were friends for almost a year before anything and it seemed like there was potential.

We haven't spoken in two days but he has time to view things I've posted on my social media. I'm just wondering if there's even a point to our relationship anymore.

He knows how I feel at this point. He knows that I'm upset so I'm thinking this is why he hasn't been contacting me.
We broke up today after he finally contacted me.


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  • Guys do things very differently from girls in a relationship. Consider it. But he should make at least an effort even a bit everyday, texting is one. Also, don't base the relationship's future on the friendship you had before, it's a different stage now. A different level. And most guys get lazy when we are in a relationship but you can still depend on us when needed.

    • they get lazy if we let them and if they want to

      guys and girls need to keep sharp in their relationships so that things dont go south. cause they easily can go that way with enough neglect over time.

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    • I've talked to him once already about it. Should I bring it up again or is that a bit overkill?

    • Once is enough. And it's not overkill because you the right to do it because... well... he is still not doing it. But... for your own sake... once is enough, don't stress yourself. Make him miss you. Spend more time for yourself. win win for you.

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  • over time maybe he has gotten "lazy" or fallen back into the habit of not talking again. have you tried calling him? or messaging/texting him first? maybe when he looks at stuff on your social media maybe thats him showing you that he's not busy and maybe wants you to contact him first?

    • I told him that I felt like we didn't share our lives with each other. He promised to talk about it later after his religious service but he never did.

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    • you deserve better anyways. u need as guy that meets your needs even if it just is txting u all the time. me and my husband do and have our entire relationship. the only time we didn't talk was at work, sleeping or some type of meeting. it was mutual too. neither of us consider it clingy because we both like it.

    • I agree. Thank you so much! I hope I one find a relationshhip similiar to yours.


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  • sorry to hear about the break up. unfortunately what you described, the increased lack of contact is often a sign of something not being ok...

    • I've been working on myself to make sure that this never happens again. I should have paid attention to the red flags. You live and learn I guess.

    • yeah. we've all been there. you become a better dater through experience. If I knew then (when I was younger) what I know now, I probably could've avoided a lot of heart ache. but hey it's all a learning experience.

  • Is it possible he just has nothing to say?
    I personally hate texting. I would prefer to talk to you on the phone or even better, see you.
    I am purposefully unreliable with texting to make sure you don't make an habit of texting me expecting an immediate answer.

    • even if he has nothing to say, a guy that cares and misses you... if he is not too busy or unable to text/call will at least say hi or say I miss you, just for you to know he cares and is thinking about you.

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    • @Asker
      If I said to a girl: if you don't give me one blowjob per day, I am going to call another girl. I'd be depicted as a monster, wouldn't I?

    • Oh I didn't see it like that. I just wanted him to know that I had other options.

  • Speak to him about it again, second chance, but communication is important for a lot of people and relationships I would call it a deal breaker if he stops again

  • It's only been a month, he hasn't gotten into the habit yet.

  • He probably exhausted so he forgets to call and text sometimes


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