I like this girl but I asked her older sister out nearly two years ago, should I still ask her out?

I feel kinda sleazy but I never liked the older sister but asked her out because I was feeling desperate and didn't think I had a chance with the younger sister.


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  • Chances of her saying yes are not too high.

    • Yes that's what I thought but she has always given me signs of interest.

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    • I can't do it as much as I want to. I can imagine sitting at her table to eat and having her and her sister there, no I don't think so, I f*cked up badly and will just have to accept that I've blown it (not that I wouldn't have got rejected by the younger sister).

    • Thanks for mho


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  • Ask the girl out or you'll regret it

    • I am thinking that I should ask her out, but I am not sure if she has a boyfriend.

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    • That's great ;)
      I may be too curious but why didn't you ask her out in the first place? Why did you think you had no chance with her exactly?

    • Yes that's what happened and for some reason I asked her out her older sister

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