How would you take what he said?

I was texting with my guy which currently we are friends w/ benefits and I asked him if he wanted to f***ck me and he said he would take too long. I said it's up to you I don't care how long it takes lol. Then he just kind of randomly said:

"So question. Would you want this much sex and stuff if we lived in the same apartment building or if we were dating"?

If he was saying that to you how would you take that?


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  • He is asking if you are having that much sex cause your horny, and if you have different rules about sex while dating.

    • Why do you think he would care if I had different rules for dating?

    • Thanks for the vote and the MHO.

      Because sometimes people sleep around cause of horniness and others do it for love. That's the best I could come up with.

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  • He wants to know if you want to date

    • If that's true he sounded indirect about it.

  • He wants to date you, obviously


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  • Answer honestly and see what he means for sure cause it could be one of two things he either is trying to drop hints or he's just trying to role play maybe... I got asked this questions or something similar already like twice and one meant one and the other one the other... he's he only one that can answer that question for sure right so ask him

    • What do you mean by role play?

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    • I will thanks. It's at least clear to me he wants something more and he already know I care about him and I would be in a relationship with him.

    • Im glad, really hope everything goes good

  • I would take that to mean he wants more than just sex

  • Sounds like he wants to date you.