Girls, How big of a deal is it for a guy to be shorter than the girl?

I am in college and there is this girl in one of my classes that is really attractive but kind of quiet and I was thinking about trying to talk to her and ask her out. But I'm just under 5 foot 8 inches tall and she is taller than me. Is that a big deal to a lot of girls? What percentage of girls would be tuned off by height?


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  • I've been attracted to, and dated, guys that are shorter than me. I'm tall and I have never cared about a guy's height (funny that I have noticed it tends. to be short women that have to have a tall guy). Anyway, just give it a shot with this girl - I think it is a shame not to try because if you dont you may always wonder whether she would have gone out with you - nothing ventured nothing gained!

  • as long as the person i love exist i don't care even if he is a midget