Should I believe Rumours about boyfriend HELP? Should my view of him change because of the rumours? First boyfriend help?

I know rumors are things that are ususally not true. Me and this guy started dating a week ago and im hearing he is an player and he flirts a lot. I have not experienced anything wrong with him. He is perfect. I just keep hearing it and only one person said he is not. I had one of his friend (girl) Say he is a player. I confronted him about this he said he is flirty but definetly not a player. Should I let the rumours affect my view of him? HELP


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  • I was in the exact same situation. Popular guy and probably the hottest guy at school and I was just sort of known. Not really popular. We started dating and had a connection from the start. Then the rumours came in and started to not get attached too fast. Unfortunately didn't attach fast enough and it was noticable and it killed our relationship. Even though he was a sweetheart who wanted to wait till I was ready, spent every free time he had on me, organised fun dates and gave me the most amazing romantic surprise on Valentine's day.
    So don't believe the rumours. They just come from bitter and jealous girls.


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  • What, did he ask you to marry him already? No? What's the problem? You get to know him better and make up your own mind.


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  • No, because people can change, and time will tell. However it may be the time he just realized he should stop his old habits, sounds like a lot of people were bitter about him and still are.

  • Usually true if it is from my friends

    I don't know what to say.

    He said he is not. I would talk to him more about it.