Why would anyone use tinder?

I am sick of the bots. they are at least 95% of my matches and it just looks bad. Plus at least on okcupid some girls will go out with me. Tinder is totally useless now for six months


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  • Well, some people hope that they will eventually hook-up with someone. If you hate tinder that much, then stop using it.


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  • Ya it's only for really good looking guys to hump and dump chicks. Treat them like trash and they love it. 95% of women bang 5% of guys. Then boo hoo they have vd.
    I no longer have respect for women. Just fuck em and forget them. They act like idiots- treat them like idiots.


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  • If you keep getting bots then maybe you need to be more careful about who you swipe right on... I started using Tinder a couple of days ago and now have about 250 matches and none of them are bots.

    • 250? wtf? Maybe you live in a major city

    • I live in a city with about 100 000 people.