I messed up and i'm wondering if I should tell my girlfriend about what happened last night? Would you break up with me?

I went to a party and i don't really get drunk at all. But it was different last night. Almost all my friends were their and and i got drunk and this girl ended up making out with me. I'am not happy at all with myself and i been avoiding my girlfriend all day today. I feel really guilty but if i tell her will she break up with me? I'am very ashamed at what happend.

I play football and it was a party and trust me i'am not a party person. I do feel bad. Should i tell her?


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  • Yeah... I'd probably kill you.

    Just kidding. But I would dump you. You'd be dead to me. You'd learn a few new words and you'd WISH I had kicked your ass by the time I got done yelling at you.

    Yes, you should tell her. And yes, you should take the humiliation of her dumping you. And yes, you should accept that she will see you as scum for the rest of your life. And yes, you should let her move on. And yes you're a terrible person.

    • dang this acutally made me sad. i did not mean it and it wasn't my fault this girl randomly made out with me. Like i feel horrible already. I have decided to tell her tomorrow

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    • Maybe, if you're lucky, and you probably are because girls these days don't know how to be alone, she'll forgive you. And the you'll have a sad going-through-the-motions girlfriend but she'll still be there because she doesn't know how to live without you or some nonsense. So you have that going for you.

    • Well i will tell and i can only hope she doesn't break up with me. If she does, there is nothing i can do really :(

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  • You should tell her. Go to her and tell face to face. Tell how much you feel guilty. But remember you deserve every bad move from her. Just don't think of don't telling her. You have a girlfriend and why the hell do you come closer with another girls? You must think about it. If you are not for a relationship, just don't do it or try to get into it.


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  • Tell her. The longer you wait the more trouble you will be in plus it will look suspicious that you haven't told her yet. She may be angry for a few days but she will probably forgive you after you have worked for her forgiveness.

    • i will tell her

    • I am glad you're telling and unfortunately when you're intoxicated you will do things you won't normally do.

    • i will never do it again.

  • Just tell her. It's up to her whether or not she forgives you and she might if you mean a lot to her. I f you already have told her, how did it go? and if you haven't please tell me!!! best of luck to you!!

  • damn so you cheated on your girl friend at a party... haven't heard this one before.. let her know or don't.. word will get around eventually

    • i feel so bad :( i didn't mean it at all. i was stupid and got drunk. i will tell her tomorrow. I hope she doesn't break up with me :(

    • good luck buddy. she may need lots of space and will be hurt don't say things like you should be glad I told you. you just need some support is all :/ good for you for being an honest person I have high hopes for you

    • i feel super guilty about it :( it's not me to get drunk and do all that crap. I'am ashamed of myself and i only hope she will keep me :(

  • You should definetly tell her, keeping it a secret is only gonna make it worst if she finds out.

    • i feel so bad :( i didn't mean it at all. i was stupid and got drunk. i will tell her tomorrow. I hope she doesn't break up with me :(

    • Hopefully she'll forgive you but even if she does, she might not trust you anymore if she knows that you're gonna get drunk again.
      My best wishes dude✌🏻️

    • i dont every get drunk, it was at a party and i didn't want to be the one not drinking. I feel so bad :( if she does break up with me i guess i do deserve it :( I will tell her today

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  • If you still want to be with her then dont say anything. keep it to yourself and dont do it again. noone will get hurt.

    If you want her to break up with you then tell her. she's going to be hurt and may never forget.