Long distance? Is it a yay or a nay?


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  • Depends on a heck of a lot of factors.

    Long distance can be very successful if...

    1. The relationship began "normally" as in the parties involved met in person and began the relationship in person.

    2. The relationship functioned normally for a period of time. If you meet on the last day of Spring Break and decide to date and one of you goes home to Tennessee and the other goes home to Washington... that's not enough time. You need to have a solid base built first because no matter how solid the relationship is, distance tries it.

    3. There needs to be a realistic end date to the long distance. "Maybe 8 years from now we'll be able to be together in person" is not a realistic end date. "I'll be back after the school year," is.

    4. Both parties need to be committed to the relationship and communicating to make it work. Agreeing to stay together while one or both of you move somewhere and then not talking in any way is not a relationship. It's a weird limbo thing. Relationships need to be tended to and built up daily. You need to be able to do that somehow from afar.


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  • Eh I'm apprehensive about it. I'd much rather meet someone close by.

    • Whys that?

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    • Thanks for MH.

    • Np, thanks for the advice.


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  • For me it used to be a nay, but now it's a yay.

  • I don't know, the idea is quite scary and very hard to imagine. But I don't like saying no so nyay? :p

    • Why is the idea of a LDR scary too you?

    • I don't know... I don't know if partaking in one is a good idea.. I mean, the 2 have to be very in love and in touch to be able to maintain such a relationship

  • Naaaaay!!

    These hoes ain't loyal. I would cheat lol
    I need to be extremely in love to wait for that person.

  • hmm It was a: I never really thought about it much

    then my 1st boyfriend came along. who knew it would be long distance? lol

  • As long as you're ready for it, why not?

    I could get into a long distance relationship with my current boyfriend, but not with someone I had only been dating for three weeks.

  • me and my boyfriend met online, started a relationship online, met, i lived with him 2 months, then we did long distance some months, and now I live with him :D

  • Been in several LDRs, UK to USA. One lasted 2 months, the next 5 and a half and the one I'm (sort of) in now is in it's third week.
    It takes A LOT of trust, thee's a time I would've said no but if you love someone and they make you happy why not try a relationship just because they aren't close to you?


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