I need advice, I don't want to lose him?

I need advice, long time ago I was dated the guy I am with now for about 4 years we were teenagers at that time. We just got back together and now we are adults now. Well we had sex for the fist time couple of days ago and I have been very paranoid and insecure. I keep thinking that he going to leave me for his mother of his child. We got together I ask him if they are over because I wasn’t going to get involve if they plan on getting back together. We she deleted him like awhile ago and block him from facebook and this morning I check his facebook and she back on his facebook and that got me even paranoid, and I don’t know what to do because I do love him but I am so scared of that and knows like last night we went out to the bar with some of his family and the half the time we hardly talk and I was distance because I am getting paranoid of losing him. I just need advice on how to handle this I don’t want to push him away I want to fix this!


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  • Well, since they have a kid together this other woman will always be in his life to some degree. There will always be times when they will talk and will have open lines of communication because of the kid. It is very unlikely he will never speak to her, or never get to see his child. So I think you are just going to have to get use to the fact that she will be in his life whether you like it or not. If you start to have a negative attitude about it, or start to insinuate he can never talk to her and therefore not see his kid, that makes you look like the bad guy which will back fire and probably end up leading to him breaking up with you. I know this sucks, but there comes a point when you just have to trust people. I think for now you are just a bit paranoid about it. I think once you better realize he needs to stay in contact with her for the sakes of the child then you will feel better about it. Since he is dating you, and not her, you should have higher priority than her obviously. If it seems likes he is turning his attention to her more and more, and not so much because of his child, then you have a right to be upset.


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  • Quit looking for reasons to upset yourself on Facebook!!! Read him in person and not by online actions. You didn't mention how long they have been split up for.. If it's really recent, like just a couple months, then I would enjoy yourself in his company, but try and hold back your emotions.

    If your being emotionally distraught then that will reflect in your time with him. If he wants to be with you then it will more likely happen if you seem to be a solid person.


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  • Drop him like a rock. You will always experience this same paranoia with this guy. Congrats, you now know what they mean by baggage.


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