He referred me as his 'lady friend'?

I've known this guy for a few years and at first I wasn't that attracted to him at first. We kept meeting up st concerts every now and then so I started seeing him more often and he was turning out to be a really nice guy and texting me everyday. So now it's been about 3 months since I started seeing him every weekend and having sleepovers. He hasn't popped the questions yet about making it official. We had s sleepover together this weekend and in the morning he called his friend to ask him how he's been. Then at one point he referred me as his "lady friend" and saying that he was at his lady's friends house. I felt kinda pissed that he's telling his friends that and not his "girl" or whatever. Thoughts?


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  • He wants you as his girlfriend.


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  • My boyfriend calls me his lady friend all the time haha

    At least he's not calling you his piece or whatever.


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  • Well usually "lady friend" is used to say friends with benefits or just a friend that is a girl. Sometimes its code for his crush or almost girlfriend. No need to get mad really