Older girls, how come guys don't want to date me?

I'll be honest - I'venever had a boyfriend before nor have I ever been kissed. I don't think I'm aesthetically pleasing but for some odd reason, a few people actually do. Personality-wise, I think I'm attractive. I enjoy writing, politics, reading - my favorite series being HP - and theatre as well as philosophy and music. I also am a not so active human rights activist. I'm just not sure why no one wants to date me and why I keep getting rejected. I rarely get pursued by anyone who isn't some creepy dude. I've also been asked out as a joke. I'm just a very confused teenage girl. If you need more info, please ask!


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  • You're young, you will become more attractive usually with age. You'll also become more more knowledgeable with what haircut, color, clothes compliments you the best.

    From there you'll gain confidence, carry yourself better and become more attractive.

    • Yet you gave best answer to a guy in his 20's, LMAO

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    • Ah I see, because obviously I'm not her age lol.

    • He gave generally good advice &, god, Dave. Is there a reason you feel the need to call 15-year old girls douches? He came here to help, you came here to troll.


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  • I tell you not to worry, you're still 15, there are a lot of things that will happen in your life yet, it's just starting. So, I'm sure that there will be guys who will want to date you seriously.

  • My daughter is 15 and BEAUTIFUL... she's not dating either.

    Then again... I'm a part-time bouncer and that probably keeps smart guys away from her. :D

    Seriously though - my daughter isn't doing any "dating" at 15. She's not even old enough to drive by herself yet.

  • Ask them out, guys dont always need to do the talking. Also a picture might help people determine. As some people lie about there appearance on the internet (not saying that you arn't attractive or lying)

    • I do ask guys out - I usually make the first move, but they always reject me. I'll post a pic in a little, though I'm quite average.

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    • Hows that picture coming? XD

    • Just look at my profile picture, haha.

  • *kiss*... are you happy now?

  • "Creepy dude"?

    • Let me elaborate. By that, I meant that whenever a guy would show interest in him, he was perverted or obsessive.

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    • My guy friends like me platonically and how am I a troll? Why are you even commenting on a question aimed for older girls. You're some random guy in his 20's.

    • You're a douche

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