Social media friend with your significant other good idea or bad?

So me and my boyfriend been together for 5 years. We were split up for awhile due to him cheating. After a long long time I finally let him back in. He seemed like he changed but seems like he's back to his old ways for the reason he refuses to add me on his Instagram, snapchat, and facebook. It pisses me off but he makes up reasons and makes it seem like I'm so dramatic causing arguments!!! Please help.. This isn't right of him right? I just want to see what he has. Someone tells me some of the things he posts so I know it's not of a girl.. But it's strange. I said here he's trying to gain my trust back but he's not trying!!! I feel like cutting him off completely.


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  • The biggest mistake was giving him a chance, It sounds like he was only sorry that he got caught when he was cheating. A tiger never loses its stripes, liars keep on telling lies, and cheaters keep on cheating. And you took him back so you should blame yourself. Learn your lesson here and then move on.; otherwise, you are wasting time.


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  • Dont see why anyone should have a problem with that really. If someone dare to be public about something they shouldn't be too afraid either exactly of what their Significant other might find when they already announce it to the rest of the world.

  • I think it's strange to NOT have one's significant other as a social media friend.


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  • This was exactly like my last relationship! He would even block me from instagram, it's really annoying, and hurt me because I was constantly paranoid that he was hiding something from me. He always says fights about social media are stupid and even threatened to break up because of stupid fights, when he could just solve all these problems by letting me have him on there, it's not like I'd bombard his feed or even write anything, the only thing that I would be able to see is his activity.. if he didn't have anything to hide then there would be no problem.

    • Exactly what I tell him!!! He says "why am I making a big deal about it?" And I tell him it's him making it into a bigger deal!!! If he has noting to hide then drop all the BS and just add me! But he'll say like "later" nd never does!! I'm so sick of it. I hate feeling paranoid and "over jealous" but I can't help it when he doesn't let me see anything nd makes it seem like he's hiding something!/:

    • well not to point out the obvious, notice how I said ex? and not boyfriend. haha The social media thing went on for about 2 years.. we were together for more so you could only imagine. AND I wasn't wrong about being paranoid, everyone is different, but trust me there's always a reason why.

    • I didn't say ex, but "last relationship" is the same thing haha