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I'm meeting my long distance "boyfriend" on Friday (10/30). We've known each other for a year and a half. He has a home football game and he plays on Varsity. That night my parents are going out and so is my brother so my friend and I are driving down 2 hours to go see him. He has to be in the locker room by 5 and class ends at 3pm for me. Well make it before 5pm but I want some time with him... I thought we'd be at the jv game together but he has things to do with his team during that time. Someone help me and tell me what we could do. Well have some time but not a lot...


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  • Call him and let him know you're thinking and ask him if he wants to pick a spot to meet that's close to the game. That way you have a plan and set place to meet and spend some alone time together before the game. Don't drive down there with out one, you'll likely be disappointed and make sure it's just you two with as few distractions as possible. Be happy, and enjoy the few minutes you have together. 👍🏼


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  • A kiss to express your love 😶?
    And if you both love each other then it'll be awesome if not then it'll be normal...❤

  • I know a girl who's birthday is that day. She's going to New Orleans for it


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