Girls, I am a 16 yo guy and I'm in a pretty awkward situation with one of my sisters 7th grade friends... help me I need answers?

So my sister had some friends come over the other night... And they were all doing the usual stuff they would do (talk about guys and make up and what not) but there was this one 13 yo that we started talking that night and the next thing we know its 5:30 am so we go to sleep and then the next day my mom needs to go to Walmart do we all went with her. She was taking a long time so they went to the car and the 13 yo told me to go with them. they all got in and started playing music and what not l but then they got bored and left us in the van... alone... It was awkward at first then we just started to talk and the next thing I know we are making out in the back of the van. My mom saw us when she was coming out but she knows I'm a god kid and I would do any thing to harm her so she is okay with it. But she wants to hang out this weekend just me and her and I don't know what do do... and did I mention she is my best friends ex girlfriend... if he finds out I made out with her he is never going to forgive me. But on the other hand she is really cool and mature for her age I feel like we should give it a shot... But like I don't know what to do so can you please help me...


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