Would you be turned off if a guy didn't have an official job?

I'm a wannabe investor. I go on craigslist and buy out a product completley wipe it off the shelf. Example. I'll see the new ipad out on craigslist and calculate the value. I'll buy out every ipad in my county if it has a 20% return value. I completley monopolize the product in my county. I make about $1200 a week and have over 20 ipads in my room at all times lol. I'm looking to do this to save up 15k to invest in an EFT or bonds. I'm 23 years old and have aspirations to acquire wealth. I'm a full time college student as well. I don't know if a girl would be turned off on my lack of official job. It just beats waiting tables or bartending in my opinion.

  • You should have a steady real job. Turn off
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  • Turn on.. you know money.
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  • That's cool and better than a normal crap job
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  • So basically you sit around in your boxers all day, eating cheetos and clicking a mouse every once and a while? No thanks.

    • Lol. I'm a bodybuilder and an engineering student. I'm rarely home unless I'm cooking food. I've seen you before you're a engineering grad student right? I'm still undergrad but calc2 and physics in the same semester. I rather not be wasting 8 hours a day counting $40 of tips.

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    • For most of my undergrad, I took six courses at a time, at least three of which were labs. Four courses is nothing.

    • I suppose you're one of the gifted ones. Is that what you want to hear?

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  • Keep doing you man, sounds like you got a good thing going on. If a girl can't see it for that, fuck her. You can find someone better.


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  • You're taking advantage of your resources and you're still making money. It's creative. And it's hard to manage a job with being a full time college student, your job hardly requires you to go anywhere and you can do it at any time you want.

  • As long as a guy has some way of making money and doesn't expect me to support him that wouldn't be a turn off. I don't expect or really want a guy to be rich.


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