The difference between I love you and I'm in love with you?

I have been with this guy for a year and a half and we say I love you all the time and last night we were all cuddled up and he asked me if I love him or if I'm in love with him and how I would know and I gave him my answer and asked him the same and he said he doesn't know really or what the difference is but he knows he's never loved anyone like this in a long time and he knows he loves me more than you would just a friend person

it's been in my head all day now and I keep thinking does he really love me or is he just saying it just because


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  • In love means half-full, half-empty. Love you is a wholeheartedly statement. In translation with this guy, I think he loves you. It does depends how long you have been together and the communication/interaction you have.