What should we do (besides sex)?

I'm 18 years old and this is my first boyfriend. He's 23 and we've went out on about 5 dates. We also hung out other times because my best friend and his best friend are married to each other (how we met). Anyways, I've been to his house a couple times after a date and we would usually watch tv and sometimes make out. This is the first time he's coming over to my house. I don't want to justtt watch tv and make out. I'm making him this dessert as a surprise but I don't know what we should do otherwise... play a board game? Take a walk? Talk? Is that lame? I don't want it to be boring! Any other ideas? (No sex yet, saving that for later)...


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  • do you like sports? go to the batting cages, bowling alley or pool hall... Or if you guys are cool, put a board under your feet!

    do you like music? grab that acoustic that's laying around, and tune it

    do you like outdoors? GO THERE!


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  • Those all sound good

  • Movie? Board game? Video game? Strip poker... just kidding...


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