Would you feel weird having a significant other spend the night if a sibling was crashing at your place?

I used to sleep over at my BF's house. It's a semi casual relationship so in shorthand I'll just say boyfriend. His brother was always technically a roomate (this is NYC where roommates are the norm. Apartments are also smaller). His brother was never home for months because he was always staying at his Gf's. Well now they're broken up so he moved back in and sleeps on the couch. There's no closet space but the bedroom so his brother keeps all his clothes in my BF's bedroom. It's a one bedroom apartment. My boyfriend says he feels weird about having me sleep over when his brother is home since his brother has to get stuff out of my boyfriend's bedroom at random. Now sleepovers have reduced to 1-2x per week. When before it was 3-4x. Because he works 2 demanding jobs, he's too exhausted to make the trip over on weeknights to sleep at my place. He only comes on weekends. Would YOU feel weird about having a partner over when a relative is crashing at your place? I just feel like in that situation, I wouldn't care. I would just be glad to see him. I have not met his brother either. So does he sound full of it?


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  • I wouldn't feel weird if they were in another room. Same room would definitely weird me out.


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  • He may care that his brother sees you or feels his privacy is being invaded? Is there no way to maybe convert somewhere else for storage for his bros things?


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  • Yeah, one of my siblings' boyfriend stayed over one night and I felt uncomfortable.