Why does my boyfriend want me to move into his apartment complex but not in with him?

I know it's probably too soon to move in together as we've only really been exclusive since may. But he seems to be pushing me to move to his same apartment complex. Why? We already don't live too far from each other...


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  • Living together is a really big step. Maybe he just wants to go slowly... or, he likes his own space. Don't take it as he doesn't like you or anything. There are married couples who don't live together...

    • Thanks! Good luck!

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  • maybe he wants you around all the time but is mentally not ready to take the step of moving in together? This may seem like a transition to him


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  • well this sounds like a good idea. i always liked the idea of having separate rooms. like a three bedroom house for two people. we each get our own room and a room we share.


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  • There is no reason to move into his complex, and if he wants you to... then that's for selfish reasons on his part so he doesn't have to make as much of an effort to go to your place. There should be no talk of anyone moving in together at this stage in a relationship.

    It also would make things awkward if for some reason, it didn't work out. YOU would have spent a lot of money in the move just to accommodate him... and then running into each other in the hallways? No thanks. I was in that position once before LOL.

    If he wants so badly to be closer to you, than HE can move... but he certainly shouldn't expect or even ask you to be moving until you've been seriously dating for quite some time. Basing big decisions (like moving and jobs) should NEVER be made during the honeymoon phase of a relationship... because so much is based on emotions and feelings at that point. Wait until you've established more of a solid foundation in your relationship before thinking of moving. Besides... absence makes the heart grow fonder. It's good to not be so close ALL the time. You really need your alone time as well, and it's a lot harder to get that if you live in the same building and you always know when each other is home.

    • You make a lot of valid points. I have known him longer than we've been dating, so we're a smudge past the honeymoon phase. I am taking into consideration if we broke up how that would be... the complex is huge, but we'd still be able to run into each other. I don't actually plan on moving at least until early next year. I currently rent aroom from a friend with my daughter in tow, so having a bigger place would be nice.. lots to consider.