How to stop freaking out after he said I love you?

We've been dating for about 2 months, and have been friends for almost a year. Everything was going perfectly. We see each other pretty much everyday and if we don't see each other we'll chat on the phone for hours. I've met his friends and he's met mine. It was really great until he told me he loves me last week. Since then I've been freaking out. I don't want to talk to him as much and I'm overanalysing everything he does. If he doesn't text as much in a day, I worry. Even though he's still constantly telling me he thinks I'm perfect and beautiful. I just feel like I'm waiting for him to screw up and hurt me. I know I'm pushing him away. For instance, when he texts, I just reply with "talk later". I don't know what is making me freak out so much. He's an amazing guy and I do love him. I'm just overwhelmed and want to end it.


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  • " It was really great until he told me he loves me last week.", so I'm guessing you didn't return it and by extension don't love him back.

    Just end it for crying out loud.


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  • What? Girl accept the fact that he loves you and learn to mature more emotionally. That's actually really immature.