Just found out I'm pregnant?

My boyfriend and I are both scared shitless. How do I calm both our nerves and come to terms with this news? We have been together for 5 years now. He's 21 and I am 22. Both in college and have full time night jobs. We are financially stable but its just the fear of the unknown that is scaring us.


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  • You are financially stable, with a guy you have been with for 5 years, and you aren't too young. Many would love to be in your situation! Don't worry too much, eventually you will see this as the start to the rest of your happy life.


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  • Abortion or adoption is available. Your lives have just gotten a lot more complicated and might not be able to finish college now

    • Neither of those will be options.

    • I wish you both luck. I had kids very young too. What got me was you go to the hospital and out comes this baby and they're like "here ya go, bye" with no training or anything

  • What is your specific fear? The pain of child birth? The financial responsibility of a child? No insurance to cover the expenses of childbirth?

    • Just the fear of the unknown. I don't know what to expect.

    • This is when you start getting very close to your mother. She wants you to reach out to her in times like these.

  • Just know you have triumphs and struggles ahead, stick with each other through those times and all of you will come out stronger because of it (including the baby/babies).


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