Guys, What would you do please read the details?

What would you do if you and your girlfriend were at your house making out in your bed and you had your shirt off and you took her shirt off and you saw she has self harm marks what would you do?


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  • I would try to convince her to get some help. I can't stand seeing that-it is a real problem that I wouldn't want anyone to deal with. In short, I'd try to help her


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  • Well, it's never smart to "self-harm" and there's no reason to do it. It's not instinctive - it's peer pressure. Why do kids do it? Because other kids do it. Nobody did that when I was a kid. So, what would I think in that situation? I'd think this girl is very insecure and easily susceptible to peer pressure. If I was a selfish guy like a teen boy, I know I'd get laid. However, as a mature man, I would be disturbed unless she was much older and these were old teenage scars. However, if any of these "self harm marks" are within the past 5 years, I will terminate my relationship at some point soon because men like stronger women who are secure in themselves. We want partners, not problems.

  • During that moment, nothing and continue as planned

    • Oops accidentally submitted. Wanted also say that I'd later ask her about it and try to help her stop worth it