He says he doesn't want to break up? Does he mean it?

So I've been dating this guy for 2 months. Yes we have slept together. He's gone about 3 weeks out of the month if not more for his job. The last time he stayed over we made plans for the next weekend and went to have lunch with his friend. For the last 2 and half weeks he has only contacted me if I have texted him first and then they are very short. I've asked if everything is ok he and at first he was sick. Then he was fine and then sick again. I finally asked him if he wanted to break up he said no. I told him that it frustrates me how hard he's been to talk to and all he said was sorry. Is he not interested and afraid to hurt me? Or is he just busy? Or what? I'm so confused


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  • I think he might

  • I think he does. He may had some dilemma and could not attend to you. Maybe it could be coincidence. Give him a chance and see what happens. But it bothers me that he does not sound very sincere.. and he doesn't explain his situation to you. Well just see how it goes.