Where can I find a man who wants a family?

I want to find a guy that actually wants a serious relationship and a family not too far away in the future. This seem impossible though.

I've tried online dating but I'm about to give up. They're all just looking for sex. I can't find someone who wants something real! These websites are filled with assholes, cheaters, liers, players. For example just today I found out a guy I've been chatting to the past few days lives with his girlfriend! I can't take shit like that.

Where can I find a good man who actually wants something real?


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  • The whole married with kids thing is pretty unappealing to guys these days. Men have been getting screwed over in that equation for way too long.

    • Right so what do I do? Give up and decide to live single for the rest of my life and have kids on my own or what?

    • yes and don't complain, how picky are you? at least be glad you can find plenty of guys. I am high functioning autistic, and I was never diagnosed my entire life, even though I am very good looking guy mainly because lack of social skills awkwardness socially, social anxiety etc I went without girlfriend or sex or hookups most of my teens and twenties

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  • It's not about finding its about encouraging by just being you and if you amaze him he will marry you... we are all wife material but not to all men

    • To do that I need be around men. I'm not. That's why I'm asking about where I can find good men. There are almost only women working at my job and I've already met my friends friends. I don't party either so I never really meet new guys in my everyday life.

    • To meet men you need to the oppsite clubing , partying , socialize sign up for dancing pretty much out yourself out there

    • No I don't, and will not, party or go clubbing. I hate it with a passion and it's not for me at all. I also highly doubt I would meet someone good at a club. People aren't looking for someone to marry at a club, if something they're looking for one night stands. I don't want a party-guy. We would not be a match.


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  • they would be in their early twenties most likely in college. when i was that age thats what all my friends wanted and myself. however as men get older the likelyhood they still want a wife and kids diminishes greatly.


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  • at church! Maybe do some volunteering!

  • You will find someone when you least expect it

    • Yeah that's what people told my aunt. She was 37 years old (with no kids) before she finally met her man. And that wasn't when she "least expected it" either. She searched for a long time online and finally managed to find a single father willing to date her for real and a have another kid with her... If she hadn't found him online she would probably still be single today.