Why do older men keep contacting younger women on dating sites?

I've clearly stated that I'm not interested in anyone over a certain age and yet much older men keep contacting me. I block everyone of them and in just 1 week I've blocked 320 men! So 320 men who are older than what I said I'm looking for contacted me in just one week.

I've talked to female friends who also do online dating and they say they experience the same thing!

Why do you/these men not get it?


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  • Sometimes older guys figure... if at first you don't succeed, try, try again! lol

    I am surprised that most dating sites don't have a filter for the age range? You should be able to set the filter and it will weed-out the age range you don't want? The guy would get a message saying that they are outside the age range specified by the person's profile. Seems like a pretty simple fix to me!

    They really should get the hint, that you are not interested... you may have to be so bold as to say... if you older than this "#" don't talk to me, just be a little more direct, so they get the point...

    Hope it works out for ya, cheers!

    • Yes I agree there should be a filter. I really wish they would add that.

    • I can see where you're coming from though... not sure what the 40 yr old guys are thinking, most probably have daughters or sons around your age, kind of makes me sick to me stomach!

    • Thanks for the MHG... hope things are looking better on the dating site for you!

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  • Because they don't care about what you want, they're shallow and desperate to get with someone younger.

    • That's the same reason why I don't post my pics anywhere, because I start getting messages from creepy dudes over 40 yo. Disgusting as fuck.


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  • Numbers, numbers, numbers, you're one of the women who say she doesn't want over age X well you might be the one they 'win' over cause they are so 'awesome/witty/etc' ALL ASSUMING they actually looked at your preferences and even care which many men only spamming women they'd like to sleep with don't.

    Internet dating is the majority of women (pretty much average-above average) getting messaged by nearly every man on that site. The more attractive a woman the more messages she'll get.

  • Many men (no not I) use the shotgun approach to online dating. "I'll just send every female within 50 miles a generic message with the hopes that just one responds." They somehow don't get the point of reading the profile, and sending a tailored message is much more effective (and the fact that friends talk to each other). When I did the whole online dating thing, I think I sent maybe 10 or so messages and dated 3 of them. But I think that many men just don't get it.

  • Do we?

    I rarely if ever message anyone, unless invited. I do not mind anyone messaging me but never impose on another.

  • 320? Damn... it's hard to be a girl on the internet...

    Maybe because the age does not tell the best about you. A guy can be really funny, seem way older or younger, but have the looks you like.


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  • Because it's mainly older men on these websites.
    You're not the brightest spark…

    • But you are? You obviously don't even understand my question but think you're so smart. I asked WHY the much older men keep contacting us younger women even though we have specifically written that we are NOT interested. These men KNOW I'm not interested in anyone their age but write anyway. Stop being an idiot.

    • I did answer your question, numb nuts.

  • I can't keep the younger guys of me...😉😉