Why is this girl replying so late?

I understand some girls aren't interested. But why is this girl replying to my text 1 day later? She will read it once I send the message, (which I can see, whatsapp) but won't reply until the day after... If she's not interested why the F is she talking to me? A day Late? Or even, continuing the convo? Girls, can you shed some light on this?


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  • Some girls think that to keep a guy interested than they shouldn't reply until a day or so later. That way it'll keep the guy wondering. Its a stupid theory and in most cases (in my personal opinion) pushes men away but most women haven't figured that out yet. Stop emailing her and let her come to you.


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  • Mind games. Stupid cunt


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  • She is talking to you either because she likes your attention or because she feels bored/she has nothing to do. That's why she decides to reply to you. If she liked you, she would put more effort in her messages, I can almost guarantee you that.


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  • I see two reasons
    1) She is just not too much into using those apps. I hate texting myself and often won't reply to texts unless it's important because A, I don't want to encourage them to send me texts B, I don't want them to expect quick responses EVER. I answer when I feel like it. I am not a slave to my phone. I prefer what's going on around me. If you want to talk to me, then come see me. If it's not important information, wait until you see me.

    2) She answers you just to be polite because she doesn't want you to think she's into you.

  • Dude, stop talking to her, she either doesn't have much interest in you, or she's playing games, both enough reasons to stop talking.
    Move on to another girl.

  • Just move on, stop messaging her. No reason to play stupid games like that with her, if she wants to talk to you she will message you back.

    • She did but a day later... Thats why it's annoying

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    • Yes, or she's playing some stupid game where she acts like she's not interested. Either way just dont answer her next text.

    • wasn't planning on replying. Sounds stupid/ silly to me really. I cba

  • Nah, she isn't interested. Just bored