Would you keep chasing a guy even if he has told you in several occasions that he does not like you?

Would you fight for him and try to get to know him or would you leave him alone? Also, he doesn't seem interested in anyone. But, you really really like this guy/girl and want to get to know him!


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  • As a guy, this would be REALLY ANNOYING! Like, get a hint already. If he ever IS interested later on, he will start flirting or whatever

    • No its not like you bug him 24/7...

    • How would you feel if a guy was chasing you and you had rejected him multiple times and he was still trying for you? Wouldn't you think that would be annoying?

    • yeah your right );

Most Helpful Girl

  • No I'd leave him alone. It's his loss at the end of the day really lol.


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  • Think about it from your perspective? Would you like it?


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  • No, one rejection is enough of a damage to my self esteem and if he doesn't like me then it's just gonna be a waste of time. 🙅🏻
    Haha, funny because a guy I once knew just recently came back to me and told me that he likes me now but honestly, I just don't like him anymore - I'm really over it 💁🏻