My mom keeps bugging me?

Im 23 and unfortunately my LAZY ass still hasn't moved out yet, i can keep a job and all but decided to stay and save money, she keeps bugging me about her welfare and money and im kinda SICK of her ass keep bugging me, how can i hold on untill i found a house, i dont have friends or something i can stay with. Please help? she is a MONSTER. I chose money over my peace of mind which is INSANE, i chose money instead of moving out at an early age,. living with her has always been an drama and i can keep up with it no more.


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  • Your decision to stay home and save money was wise, I'm doing it too, but things in my house are pretty normal. So, in your situation, I think you have to move out and find another way to save money, for the sake of your sanity.


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  • Just move into a cheap apartment and save up there instead.


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  • well then you have to move out, Lizzy.

  • Not sure how you can deal with this but for now stay until you get kicked out. How much money have you saved up? and out of curiosity what race is your family?

    • eats African race , and why stay untill kicked out? i have to find something NOW, i have search but too many rooms are expensive and she is so selfish that she can't even let me find in peace

    • Ohhh okay I see. Well it depends.. How much are you earning and how much have you saved up. Because I know you want a house.

      But I think your best option for now is to flat. Find other people that are in the same situation and then move in to a place together and split the costs. Nothing too fancy because that will just be more expensive.

    • i AM searching for that but stupid me kept rejecting a few places because i was too picky, now i found something really cheap but its taking too long and she won't shut up, i feel so dissappointed in myself

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