Dating and will it ever come back?

The way im feeling. i want to fix it. i feel no spark. no chemistry. no nothing. for people. i feel like i can never have a realtionship because my feelings have been taken away.

it's hard to explain myself but i wish i didn't have to go through everyday knowing that you can never have a relationship because i just don't feel sparks, love etc.


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  • Was there a time where you did feel romantic feelings?

    Did something happen to change the feelings?

    • There was a time where I did feel them. but something happened and i have no idea what that is. I just don't feel them anymore. I don't think its cool for something like that just to be taken away.

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    • Did you get your heart broken or what? I'm just trying to figure out cause I don't think it's uncommon for people to lose a part of themselves for a while after going through a tough break up.

    • no nothing like that. I just went through my days as usual. until I realised I have no romantic feelings.
      and as far as i know there is no solution to this problem.

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  • Eventhough i am younger but I also rarely feel sparks. Throughout my teenage years I only crushed on 2 girls. I think we are kinda picky but unconsciously doing it. That being said, When I started college, no girl ever caught my interest except for one. And immediately I realized how special she is. I felt the spark again, the butterflies and the love. :) so its all about meeting the right person.


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  • Have you ever had a relationship? Like, are you feeling like this because you were broken up with someone you loved, or just in general?

  • sometimes there just aren't any sparks to feel. I go through this a lot. I wouldn't say im picky just that it takes way more than an attractive guy to get me interested enough.
    One day it will happen

    • I just thought it's not fair to be in a relationship with someone and not have the same feelings. I know it can be hurtful. that's all.

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    • Id say be on your own for a while if that's what it takes. you know what you need

    • that's it I don't know what I need. I need a solution. but there isn't like a fix. it's like something I can't solve. all that makes sense to me is once you feelings have disappeared you can't get them back. thanks for you opinions and help though :)

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