I'm scared to talk to the girl I like. What to do?

So I am in 10th grade, since 1st grade I knew this girl (9-10 years), since 9th grade she started talking to me, we used to tease each other a lot and many other things, but we were never friends or knew about each other's life. Since 10th grade (this academic year) I started liking her... I told this to only one of my best friend. He went and asked that girl if she likes me... She said him that she likes me! After few days... Today I walking in the street and she appeared with her cycle behind me and called me... She asked me what my best friend said to her... I got very scared... I said there is nothing like this... (she has smile everytime with me in her face but this time she was very serious). When I said "no" then she said "okay" and I went away... The thing is I like her a lot and I am very scared to talk to her. After a long time I started cutting myself again... Please someone tell me what do i do?


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  • Tell her that you like her , I think that she likes you because if she didn't like you than she wouldn't have came over and approached you at all, there would have been no point in approaching because if she didn't like than she really would not have cared if you liked her or not.


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  • You imbecile, she clearly likes you, so just ask her out and tell her you like her too. If you do like her. Duh.


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  • don't cut yourself Jesus loves you and he has a great plan for your life if you confide in him, she likes you don't be afraid of rejection because something better is out there


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  • 1. stop cutting yourself
    2. learn to love yourself before you love sombody else
    3. tell her the truth