Guy says he is too busy to text at work, but I see him online?

So I met a guy online a few days ago, and things seem to be going well. But I've noticed that he will text me good morning, and then I reply he tells me he is busy at work and can't really talk. So then it I go on the site to check messages I always see him on there. It is kind of frustrating because you say you are busy, but I see you online. I don't mind him not texting me or being on the site, but why do you tell me you can't talk but yet I see you on the site? I just don't like being lied to. But I do notice that once he gets off he texts me and we talk the rest of the night though. Should I just drop this guy? I feel like he is playing games.


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  • He's not interested in you and is giving you excuses.


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  • Drop him he is just playing


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  • Maybe he just leaves the app open on in his phone? Ask him about it if it bothers you that much.