Should I meet him?

Hi. I've been talking to this guy online and via text. He seems cool but then he started talking about the future and us hopefully doing things together next year , and how he wants my friends and pets to like him, and something along the lines of us being meant for each other. I've never met him! I want to give him a chance since he's very sweet and GE says he's not very experienced and I won't hold that against him but I wonder if he's just telling me what he thinks I want to hear? We've got everything in common and that seems a bit too good to be true. What are your thoughts? Has anyone ever experienced this? Thanks

Thanks for everything! He pretty much bailed on our date today. Sooooo I've moved on. I appreciate your thoughts though


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  • I've known a girl who got raped by a guy she met online and also know creepy dude who tries to meet virgin girls off the internet for things he stopped talking about. People are scary creepy pieces of crap. No matter how charming or nice they are online they still might be a crazy rapist or something. Meet them in public if you have to meet them. Carry some kind of self defense you know how to use. Bring a friend. Tell people beforehand. There are definitely risks to it.


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  • Hmm... Be careful when you meet him and try to go to a public busy place... just trying to look out for your safety :)

  • He's probably ugly.


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