19, never been kissed or even on a date. I'm not desperate, but I would just like to experience it?

I'm 19 years old, and i've never been on a date. I was asked out once four years ago, when i was 15, but at the time i had just started the school and was under a lot of stress so didn't want to date, along with the fact i wasn't at all attracted to the guy. However, ever since, i have never even been approached. I'm not desperate like some people are, but its just getting to the point where everyone i know has been in a relationship/dating compared to when i was 15. I just want to experience it, because for some reason it makes me feel immature or like a child. Its a point in my life i want to feel like an adult, and the fact i've never even been on a date just seems weird... and i just can't approach guys, cause a lot of guys dont even like that and i'm super shy so it wouldn't work. I dont think i'm ugly, i've never been confident due to personal issues i had at school, but i've been told i'm really pretty or boys have fancied me apparently in the past. Guys have whistled me on the streets but no guy has ever asked me out since. is there a reason? Am i ugly? Something about me that makes me unapproachable?


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  • Be patient, you'll find someone who will make that wait worth it.

    • Thank you! I hope so; its better to wait for something good I guess :)

    • Thanks, hopefully my first kiss will be with the woman I spend the rest of my life with.

    • Aw that is so sweet! I pretty much hope the same thing :)

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  • I don't think there's a reason>>> i never gone out on a date and I don't think its because i am overweight or have flaws on my face hahah its just life I guess...

    • but I like your question thanks!

    • Your welcome! yeah maybe there isn't a reason, I think its just my low confidence in myself over-analysing everything! :)

    • yeah... okay!


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  • Well you have not been on a date or anything so you probably just need that little confidence boost to just get out there and make it happen. And I don't think most guys would care if you've not been on a date, as it's not a big deal. As for being shy, some guys will find it sweet. So just go out and have fun, and a guy will eventually come along.

    • Thank you! that's also been a concern of mine, if I get to my 20s and have never been on a date what a guy will think so I hope they wouldn't mind! :)

    • Well it doesn't matter to me, and won't to the majority of guys. You might worry, but trust me, you are fine. As long as you're fun, and loyal, you will have no problems.

    • Aw that's sweet thanks :)

  • Same. Let's date.

  • I can help give you experience. It'll be fun we'll go throught everything from stupid fights and insecurities to nice dates and romantic moments.


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