Asking her out worth possibly ruining our friendship?

A month and a half ago my friend introduced me to a friend of his. She was very friendly and tomboyish. She frequently stays over in our apartment, she use to sleep in my friend's room, but as I got to know her she would hang out/ study in my room. She also now sleeps in my bed with me. We never do anything sexual in bed either. She never told me but my friend said she has a long distance boyfriend whom she has not spoken to in a long time. As you can see this leaves me in a strange position. I really want to ask her out, should I do this?


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  • No, don't ask her out now. Let your friendship be as it is, as you mentioned that she has a boyfriend, long distance though but she is still in a relationship, they have not broken up officially, so please don't ask her out, she has first come out of her relationship. Keep your friendship going until then.

  • I was in your exact position a year ago. I asked a girl out I thought was cute, and she said yes. I found out she had a long distance boyfriend and she was just being nice. They broke up shortly after, but I didn't pursue her. Now, she's one of my closest friends and I don't know what I'd do without her. Usually, it's better to let it be. Good friends are hard to come by and often times they're better than any partner.