Girls, I'm a guy (says I'm a girl I don't know why lol) What should I do? Should I move on?


I've known this girl about 4 months now. First month we got to know each other at uni
2-3 months we started seeing each other, dating sleeping together etc. she hated cuddling so we didn't when I was with her, when I rocked up at her place once after telling her I'd be there sometime that day she said "what are you doing here?" And when I cheekily told her on the phone how much she enjoyed my d*** she just didn't say anything really.

I thought we got along great and that there was a spark between us.

Then she changed and starting acting distant and we agreed things wouldn't work. We decided to be friends and I became so anxious about if she was sleeping with other guys that I couldn't sleep at night.


i spoke to her the other day and she said again that we should just be friends.

What at do I do? I can't completely cut her from my life, I'll still see her at uni maybe and I'm friends with a couple of her friends.

what do I do? Do you think she even liked me? Or was I just used?

  • Cut her from your life she didn't like you
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  • Don't bother
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  • Try try try again
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  • Move on
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