What makes a guy lose interest?

Question pretty much says it, What makes a guy lose interest and become over you?


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  • To point any female in the right direction who is reading this, I will give you top 10 reasons on why a guy go south.
    1) she's annoying.
    2) she care too much about stuff that doesn't matter. Weave, makeup, jewelry, clothing, long shopping, insecurities about her weight, her appearance, etc, and so forth.
    3) being complicated and expect a man to deal with it.
    4) flirts with 3+ guys and we know know about it. We get uninterested.
    5) thinking guys should chase girls.
    6) playing games.
    7) have very small view on what the guy like, love, and want vs her high demands. Example is thinking guys only want sex but he crave that new game or cd, or movie. While the the girl sometimes gets what she wants cause we know it's not sex.
    8) play our emotions, think with her emotions.
    9) whining, crying, and bit***ing but she is 100% cause of the problem. Guys hate it when a girls talk about another girl and she wants the guy to not be friends with her and one day they gets into it and want the guy to support her. Nope.
    10) not open to understanding guys. Some females refuse to understand how he feels and what to do. So ask the social media and 10/10 there wrong.


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  • Many reasons:
    1. She is leading him on.
    2. She bores him to death.
    3. She is negative and she reeks of pessimism.
    4. She badmouths other people.
    5. She is shallow.
    6. His friend is into her.
    7. She is his friend's sis/ex.


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  • Pretty much if he knows you are not going to offer sex.

  • simply when you dont show interest in him or not show him respect.

  • Two days tbh

  • Smelling like armpit half the time I'm with her


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  • When you don't put the effort!