Signs a girl is playing mind games vs not interested?

Are they one and the same? Is there a difference?


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  • If she's not consistent, avoids hanging out or talking about getting serious and says she doesn't know what she wants or "will see" where it goes then she's likely not interested. Only really immature women play "mind games" so I'd say if it appears she's playing mind games but is a mature women then likely it's not mind games but a indication of not interested.

    • Okay what if she's communicating constantly then pulls back, after coming on strong before? See my comments to Lumos and anon for examples

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    • I can't go on the date she wanted to do (but I did agree to go on the date) due to logistics preventing me from doing so that are out of my control. She's aware of this, so I initiated text to let her know I am obviously still interested

    • I see well maybe she needs some convincing. She might feel like you're not interested even if you have tried initiating again. Maybe ask her out again but give a day and time so that there is more urgency and structure to it

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  • Contradiction... Games start from Contradictions. Been there done it. She'll call off a date or hang out but when her birthday hits guess who want to hit the bar. Contradiction. She says she's busy with her life, oh look she went shopping, she rest, she studied, she went to work and slept. All the while her week is not always like this. So on Facebook you see she's off with the bored emoji. Contradiction.


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  • No they're not the same. If she's playing games, she'll act hot and cold. If she just isn't interested, she will most likely be polite, but she won't make an effort to really talk to you or get to know you.

    • Okay, say she comes on super strong and keeps communication going then pulls back suddenly without any explanation?

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    • Okay, so I should consider it hot/cold - playing games? How do I counter-act this? Do I just wait for her to come back at her own pace to avoid chasing her like she wants or do I attempt to contact again?

    • You do absolutely nothing. You find another girl. You deserve to find a girl who is upfront about the way she feels, doesn't play games and act immature. A girl who acts hot and cold will never quit, even when you "have" her. She'll always cause headaches and confusion, and will ultimately drive you crazy.

  • Playing games=bullshitting around
    Whatever that bullshit may be

    Not interested=just doesn't like you that way

    • And how could I tell the difference?

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    • Err she already asked me out on a date and told me she likes me?

    • She has one hell of a way to show it

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