What would you do if the person you liked, suddenly told that they liked someone (else) and asked you what they should do?

WHAT Would you say to him/her... What would you think? This is just a fun question I gotta ask :)

For me, I think I would want go evil, and suggest something that's not good, but
Tbh I have no idea what I'd do, I'd just feel embarrassed, and go silent. Yip. absaloutly silent, and then go hide, lol


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  • This happened to me in 5th grade. For about 7 years I was convinced that all women thought I was either ugly or gay. My first girlfriend had to take the initiative on literally everything. She started the first conversation. Asked for my number. Texted me first all the time. Literally the only thing I initiated was kissing her for the first time and that was nearly two years after we met and she gave me plenty of opportunties from day one. I found out later that every single girl on my high school's dance team thought I was cute and they actually had a competition to see who could actually get me to date them. I used to catch girls staring at me and I thought it was because I terrified them because of how reclusive I was. People would flirt with me and I was afraid it was a prank. Guys thought I was gay including gay guys. In college I was a totally different person. I modeled, joined a fraternity, and could get a girls number without trying. Girls would know of me before I even met them. But my entire self image was destroyed that day. Not the worst day of my life but it was up there for a really long time. I agreed to help her and she ended up dating the guy for a few years. He ended up dumping her for her friend though. Worse part is I'm pretty sure he only switched girls because the second girls boobs were bigger.


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  • Move on. He's obviously not into us, so If gear the topic away from this asap.


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  • I'd get up and leave

  • II Would tell her he is a bad person, make her feel he sucks. Just kidding i would tell her the truth.


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