What does he mean when he says, "keep in touch" and does he still like me?

I've dated this guy for little under a year maybe. He is working and I'm finishing up school. He let me go this summer saying that he doesn't have romantic feelings for me and never wants to talk to me. I kept my end of the deal except he didn't. Two months after I get snapchats and a few texts and we even coincidentally ran into each other a few times. He texted me asking to catch up and I did--we went to dinner and then walk around. He brought up past memories and I guess subtly hinted at doing things in the future which I didn't pick up on at the time. Then he gives me a long hug and texts me asking if I got home alright and then said "keep in touch." What does this mean? Does it mean he still likes me? Is he waiting for me to graduate and then really go for it? I definitely know that we each are "seeing" other people but I just don't get him. I also know what I could have done better, learned from the experience, and think that I am in much better condition.


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  • He's too vague. Not worth your salt.

  • I think he's a player. He wants you as a side chick. He let you go once. Just because he keeps in touch doesn't mean a lot. He might of been lonely. Don't wait around for a man. Period. Move on and make him catch up.