What's your definition of a nice guy?

We always here about how girls don't like nice guys but there are different definitions of a nice guy. What's yours? Are you a nice guy? Personally I think I'm nice in then sense that I have manners but I'mdefinitely not going to follow a girl anround whose already rejected me and listen to her complain about her boyfriend and deal with all that bullshit


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  • I think a nice guy is simple, friendly, a gentleman. He would be thoughtful towards the girl and isn't the type to be jealous/possessive.

    If she's rejected you and still coming to your for boyfriend advice, just tell her politely it makes you feel uncomfortable. It doesn't make you not a "nice guy" if you are honest.


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  • The biggest mistake of a nice guy is being too ACCOMMODATING, aka sacrificing his own needs or wants to PLEASE the girl, unattractive.


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