Will my crush think I'm a loser because I'm a loner at college?

I'm 21; it's my 3rd year at this school. I just started talking to a guy at my school.. Who I actually talked to first.. (Big step for me! Usually I stick to myself.. But for some reason he made me not want to as much). Anyways, he has a lot of friends. We got to talking and he asked me what crowd I hang around with, and I couldn't answer. I mean, I have no friends here. At all. I have good friends back at home, but here.. I never felt the need to make friends. I love my solitude, and I feel different than a lot of people around me. It sucks, but also it doesn't. I feel like a lot of people are so caught up in this "college life" world and.. Life is so grand.. I just am not about it. I was ready to move out the day I moved in.

But, I feel like this guy will think I'm a loser because I never made any friends. I'm usually not insecure like this.. But now it I see it from his POV, I feel inadequate. He's so good at socializing and talking to others.. And I'm... Not. At all.


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  • I don't think he'll be much bothered by this and I don't think he'll see you as a "loser". He'll probably notice that you're different from the others, but will not think you're a "loser".


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  • No. If a guy is attracted to a girl, he won't care if she is a loner or not.