Girl i'm talking to is on tinder Should this be a concern?

So i've been talking to this girl for about 6 weeks now. We're not official just in the preliminary stages of dating. This past week i've been so busy from school and work and i haven't had much time to see or talk to her, we had a fight about ti and she said she feels like she has to beg to see me. So yesterday she comes over and when she goes to the bathroom a tinder notification pops up on her phone. I saw it and she been on it on the Thursday, day after we fought. I only saw one convo and she says to the guy "i'm a shitty person" about herself. Now is this cause for concern? is this a red flag? can she be trusted? Why is she on there? Is it just for attention? and most importantly do I bring it up?


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  • Well if you're not official then she has every right to be on tinder. I know myself and a lot of my friends are only on tinder just to talk to people. We've never met up with any of them or anything. I wouldn't say there's any need to bring it up with her until you've become official. Once you're official, then she shouldn't be using it any more.


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