Girls, help me out with this situation regarding a girl whom I like, please?

I like this girl, we're already friends and talk fairly regularly and attend some functions with mutual friends and such. She's quite shy, though, which can probably be attributed to her last relationship which ended badly - even if this happened a couple of years ago now.

I think she might like me too, but she's quite hard to read and I think she may be holding her feelings back. It's almost as if she's giving me the signals without realising it and when she does realise it, she pulls back, and it is a repeating cycle (is this a common with shyer girls when it comes to guys they like?).

I haven't really had the chance to ask her out in person due to the fact that getting her alone is difficult, and I don't want to make it awkward for either of us or scare her by asking her out in front of everyone.

I've asked a couple of mutual friends for advice, and they came to the same conclusion too. Because of these mutual friends too, I think she has an idea that I do like her, though I think she was taken aback when told or doesn't believe it?

The girl in question though has mentioned she likes being single, but then again, a lot of people say that when single, then find themselves in relationships, so I'm not really hindered about that.

Given the circumstances, would it be weird if I asked her out online over a FB message? If not, could I word the below message any better or would this be fine to send her? (I haven't spoken to her for a few days):

"Hey, been a bit since we've spoken. How are you/what have you been up to?

Also: want to go check out [venue] one night? Thought I'd ask too as I recall you wanting to go, and you're good company! Thinking this [day] or [other day], if you're up for it. 😊

(Asking here only due to a lack of chance to ask you in person.)"


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  • I had enough! Just talk to her. Sit down and talk to her. No beating around the bushes just be str8 up!

  • Text her about how you feel