Starting a long distance relationship w/ an ex?

What are everyone's opinions on long distance relationships? The second question is, is it ever a good idea to get back together with an ex?
I met my ex in a class in college 3 years ago. We were good friends for a while and we tried dating. We lasted a month before he blind-sided me on Skype, breaking up with me and wanting to start over. It took me a while, but I got over it and we became good friends again. In December of 2014 he told me he still liked me after I told him the guy I was crushing on had just gotten into a relationship. We went on a couple of dates and that was that because I was graduating in June. Before I graduated we talked and said that right now would not be the best time to date since he is still at school and I was going home. He lives about 6 1/2 hours from me. We have been talking since I have came home about me going to visit. I am actually headed to where he is in a few days and I'll be staying with him for 4 days.
I think about him every day and I don't know if I should express how I am feeling to him. We left on the same page, but my feelings are still there. I can see us going really far but I feel like it's beating a dead horse since we don't live near eachother anymore. Should I tell him how I feel? Or should I see where this trip takes us and revisit talking to him depending on how well the trip goes?
Thanks for your advice in advance!


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  • LTR's are very difficult and take maturity and major commitment. Dating an ex is never good in my book

  • The trip will go great. However its a fairytale so you can't base it on that. I don't like LDR personally and with it being an ex doesn't make it better. I think you should hold off telling him.


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