How can I get over being in love with my bestfriend?

A couple months ago, I realized I was falling for my friend. I told her I liked her, she told me she doesn't swing that way, but is flattered, I told you it's fine and now we're best friends. I totally respect her sexuality. I don't flirt, or expect anything. But, instead of getting over her, no matter how much I don't think about her romantically, or I join dating sites, I find myself falling further in love with her, just from our friendly conversations.

How I can get over is? I've been doing everything normal, treating her as a best friend, because she is my best friend. But, I can't stop falling in love with her...


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  • It's a tough call to being someone's best friend and being in love with them, who cannot reciprocate the feelings.

    Pull away from her immediately before you tip into a downward spiral of no-return. Cut all forms of contact with her. Yes! All forms including face-to-face and digital communications.

    Best friends are life treasures. But yours is one that is worth sacrificing for your sake and hers. I just cannot see how you can turn off your love for her, and keep having her as your best friend. Mission impossible!

    Once those feelings starts flowing, it is H. A. R. D to turn them off when she is by your side or keep doing things together. You're better off chopping ties with her right now.


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  • If it's going to tear ya up inside, maybe it's time to create a little distance?


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  • might sound crazy but just back away for a long time like a year plus and maybe then maybe you willl get another chick and get over this one

  • I think distance... keep some space so your not driving your self mad..


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