He rarely text but he talks a lot in person?

Why is he like this? Dont give me "maybe he's just not a texter type of guy"

And he never calls


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  • I don't like texting for at least two big reasons: my fingers are thick, so I often hit a letter near the one I think I'm hitting and then there's the character limit. To me it's much better to hear a person's voice than rely on lazy communication.


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  • umm... well i can only think of 2 reasons...
    he doesn't like texting and prefers to talk when he sees the person in person...
    or he just isn't interested in you... and is busy texting someone else

    • We text quite a lot but just not as much as i usually do it with other guys.

      I dont think its the second reason though

    • hmmm i'm thinking its more likely its the 2nd reason...

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