Why does he likes looking at my face so much?

This guy stares at my face a lot. Most guys would be staring at my boobs or butt but he doesn't do this. Im not fat, 5'3" 110 lbs.


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  • A) you have a pretty face
    B) he respects you enough to not blatantly stare at your boobs or butt
    C) you might not notice him glance at your other physical features

    Why are you worried about it? Is it a creepy stare, or does he just make eye contact when he's talking with you / listening to you?

    • Im not worried about it. Its just new for me to meet someone who doesn't only wants me for my body (hopefully).

      He stares at me both when he's talking to me or when he's listening to me. We also stare at each other when we're not talking

    • Believe it or not, there ARE good guys out there who are true gentlemen and will treat you as a real person, not just a set of boobs and ass :-)
      You may have stumbled upon one of them!

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  • When you're attracted to someone, you typically look at their face. I only look at other body parts surreptitiously.

  • Faces are more attractive than bodies

    OR you are wearing so much makeup that he is just confused as he looks at it

  • Maybe you're beautiful

  • Looking at someones face (aka eyes), is a sign of attraction (whether it be because of nice face, lips, nose, eyes) . Something about that person is eye catching. On the other hand, If you are checking the person up and down you are complementing their physique, which attracts you


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