Why do women get catty?

Im sick of women getting catty and i seriously am giving up on friendships. I always have to deal with them at work even my own family to girls at school. Always being catty and picking on me and then i HAVE to be a bitch and i hate that, im a girl who likes to hang out with everyone but im tired of dealing with it. From commenting to ignoring to plain being agitated at me for nothing. Men only want to screw you and consider you a slut or stupid just because you look a certain way, and girls picking on you for no reason. Consider it bad luck but im tired of fighting and literally given up on friendships. When will i meet people who like me for me? This is me:



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  • Because you look unique, you look bi-racial actually, women are competitive with how they look against other women so you intimidate them and guys don't want to get to know you first so they just want to try to get with you


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  • " Catty" is just another word for jealousy. People are jealous for various reasons. They're jealous because they either want to be like you or are jealous of what you have. It means they believe you are better than them.