Why do men send signals, why not just come out with it?

Why do guys always wanna test the water? Try and get a jelous response... its like the whole thing is always a test, doing something to cause a reaction. Why can't guys just ask me out rather than playing flipping charades?


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  • Ehh in my opinion a guy who does that like all the time is really dumb but if the guy you like back is doing that i would just tell him to stop and see where it goes.

    • How do you tell someone to stop without killing an ego?

    • Have an ego back xD but dont make it sound like your being emotional if that makes sense

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  • Lol, girls play just as many games as guys, tho. Guys are weird. I can never tell when a guy likes me, but that's because I'm oblivious. They are really obvious when they like me, but I never have any fucking idea that they do. I mean, we all send signals. It's not just guys. I send signals waiting for them to talk to me. It's a people thing. Not a gender thing.

    • I do find though that sometimes men need sooooo much validation, like they need their ego built or something. If I send a signal its forward and means I'm heading somewhere. When a guy sends me signals they come in clusters and just go round and round in circles!

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    • Oh heck yeah, I stay buttoned up I ain't confessing a thing so looks like signals it is!

    • Lol yes! I rarely tell my feelings. If he wants me then tell me. I don't really like to play games. I just got into a fight with this guy I had a thing with because he said I was playing games. I wasn't. I was very direct with him on how I felt. We settled things, but it's complicated lol. He's the one playing games though and them signals are so damn annoying! Haha


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  • The same reason girls do that... oh wait, they barely send any signals that are common for all girls, so it's actually harder to interpret.

    • I don't do it, I'm all or nothing no matter what the outcome

  • Because when we go out guns blazing y'all get freaked out.

    • All guns blazing is a bit freaky, but why then not just play it cool and say your interested in a down to earth manner, why a guessing game?

  • I send signals because i work on Antennas. So it's my only means on communication.


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