My mother enables my older sister?

My older sister of almost 30 still lives at home doing nothing, she does nothing all day and recently got on welfare, she is very depressed, rude, controlling and mean. She even cut herself out on childhood pics, worse thing our mother enables her. She enables her to death, she never blames her, protects her and is kinda obsessive about her. My sister is a real fail, she has an attitude, crazy, doesn't socialize and has no friends. She is cray cray religious and lazy. Its insane. Im 23 and a student and unfortunately live at home due to money. But i worked a lot and school is main priority. why is she enabling her?


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  • She's afraid she'll drive her away if she does otherwise.


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  • I don't think your mom wants to see what your sister has become and denies the reality that her oldest daughter is unsuccessful in anything.
    I am glad you're in college. Keep at it! Eventually you will be able to move out until than keep studying.